When the World Passed Me By

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An odd thing happened to me recently.  Without warning, the social media app on my cell phone had a “hiccup.” Yes. And how did I find out? Because I was missing happenings with my Saturday running group who uses the App for announcement and coordination.

On a closer look of my phone, there is a break denoted by a double line (like =) in chat history between last Sunday and Thursday. After tapping on the double line, it revealed a message that my old chat history could not be loaded, because my phone “wasn’t connected to a network”.

Now summer thunderstorms are common occurrences here in Washington DC. On occasions, the severe storm knocks out power to my house and my internet connection.  Invariably, the system will reboot and self-connect when the power is restored.

Therefore, I surmise perhaps the App had a hiccup and was not able to re-connect for a few days. The worst part is the App’s message continued “any of messages from 2-3 days ago will be deleted permanently from the server for your privacy.”

My cell phone runs on battery and cellular data when there is no  wifi. How did the hiccup happen I have no idea. Moreover, I will never know what else I had missed or if this will happen again.

Have you experienced similar with your cell phone?


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