Week In Review – 14 Aug 2022

Wildfires, storms, and periods of drought are on the rise in intensity and frequency due to global warming. Coincidentally, the US Congress passed a bill that incentivizes alternatives to fossil fuels and investments to combat greenhouse effect.

Other than natural disasters, the trio of Covid pandemic, Ukraine war, and inflation continues to plague the world. Still, live endures, and people move on. For example, US no longer requires quarantine for Covid contact because of its herd immunity reached, subject to no new variant.

Adding spice to our dramas was the FBI search of former President Trump’s residence in Florida. A historical raid that forced many Republican politicians to declare their Trump loyalty. The raid introduced uncertainties into the 2024 presidential elections.

Personally, I watched all these with awe. In spite of the chaos, I maintain my simple approach to life. Stay the course, duck under the shade when it gets too hot, and try not to  let the world passes me by too quickly.

Stay safe & have a nice week.

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