Equipment Failure

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Without any warning, the wristband for my running watch broke. Yup. Right in the middle of my run. I heard a thud and turned around. And there was my watch on the pavement. I went back and picked it up. Everything was working except the wristband.

Typically, an equipment failure is one of dreaded nightmares for runners during a race. Mine wasn’t anything near.  I was doing my morning run. And the watch just flew off my left wrist during the arm swing. No injury or anything to worry.

Yes, yes, running gear failures do happen. But they happen very infrequently for me. Thank goodness.  But afterwards a thought came to me: while it’s easy enough to replace the wristband, an even simpler solution would be not wearing a watch at all.

You see, I am not training for any races. No speed works nor interval training. Do I really need a watch for my regular run? Hum. . .  I know my routes quite well. A wristwatch only validates my mental counter for most of the time.

So as a result, I am going watch-less. Yes, and this may give my wrist tan line a chance to fade out. What do you think?

Do you use gadget with your run?

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