Playing with Fire?

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Humans are creative. We develop tools to enable our abilities. So we can go longer, faster, higher, for examples. But we are also dumb, as evidenced by the epic failures posted on social media. Creativity is a double-edge sword.

Whenever we fail to master the tools for what they are intended for, we are playing with fire. Also known as unintended consequence. When that happens, the power of the tools can amplify our mistakes as well.

To wit, car accidents cause damages beyond what human body alone can inflict. Same applies with motorcycles, bikes.  An erroneous email, text, or tweet can reach more, far and wide, in less time than we can respond.  Or a gun, it can enable or disable just as quickly.

But isn’t that why we have license for? You may ask.

Licence is a socially engineered solution to ensure minimum proficiency. Having a license alone means nothing more than a minimum standard.  Much of the proficiency we acquired (with the tool) is through our experience using it. Without the experience, accidents ensue.

Do you think we are  too clever for our own good?

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