Life Is Precious

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When you turn on the news now-a-day, more likely than not you will be turned off by what gets reported: violence, disaster, and all the negative happenings. Very depressing. At least that is how I feel.

But I know what’s being reported does not represent the full world. Peaks and valleys maybe news worthy. Too much of them can be numbing. Instead of getting wrapped around the axle, I remind myself to zoom back out to reality. My reality.

For instance, my neighbor across the street just had a baby girl.  Such a great news! Each life brings joy to the world and a creation worth celebrating. It will not make the national headline, but doesn’t matter.  It’s top news with my neighbor’s family.

So if you too find the news depressing, look around.  Instead of relying on the media, we can surely find our own positive and  inspiring discoveries.

Life is precious.

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