Reblog: Trump Superstore

When I saw this piece from the Business Insider, I couldn’t help but said it out loud, this is America – capitalism at its best.

Where else would you find a store full of former President Trump merchandises? The answer, at the Trump Superstore in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

What fascinating about the store is that it’s all about business based on the former president’s popularity. Not politics.  Even though, you can purchase T-shirt that reads “Trump- 2024 – Take America Back” and other 2024 themed items.

The store carries more than 10,000 officially licensed Trump merchandises and vendor products as well as the store’s own manufactured line of goods (from $1.99 to $69), and it  has an online site as well.

From toilet bowl brush, to Trump life-size cut out, and Terminator-themed T-shirt reads “I’ll be back” featuring Trump in Schwarzenegger resemblance, the store has got it all.

And if you happened to be in Myrtle Beach, stop in and get a fortune telling from the former president for a dollar. What a deal!

Source: PHOTOS: I Toured a Donald Trump Superstore in Myrtle Beach

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