New Asphalt!

Finally, the streets in my neighborhood got a face-lift.  A long overdue surface re-paving can be seen in the picture above. I am excited.

Trust me, when I say “overdue,” it’s not an exaggeration.  Our streets were in such bad shape it was one of the top complaints within the community. You see, the local government had been cheap on street maintenance.  The last time, our streets got a spray on re-coating treatment.

The spray on looked nice right after the application:  fresh, shining and was done quickly. What’s not to like?  You ask. The treatment did not last.  The spray-on coating came off almost as fast as it was put on.  Ever since, our neighborhood had to live with an eye sore that really detracted our community beauty.

However, this time, it’s different. Contracted crew came in, milled out the broken portions, street by street, and re-laid a brand-new layer of asphalt. Two inch thick! Yes, it took them  a while but in return we got a new top for our streets.

Maybe different local politicians, budgets, or even the election year made the difference? I don’t really know. But I am not complaining.  Other than the smoother ride and improved appearance, these streets are perfect for me to run on. Yea! I no longer had to worry about cracks or potholes.

Think I can do my interval training on this surface?

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