The Human Experience, Part 3

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Our human experience is limited.  Not saying it not rich nor colorful; only it’s limited in terms of range and depth.

Let’s see: human has been around approximately six million years. Modern form of humans only evolved about 200,000 years. Civilization through written history is about 6,000 years, And industrialization started in the 1800’s.

Compared to the Earth (4.5 billion years old), our history is puny. Good news for the history major. There is much we don’t know. And discovery both old and new continues to unearth. To say we know it all would be a ridiculous understatement.

Human life span, say 100 years, is brief in comparison. What can we experience in that duration? The most we can claim is its full depth from birth to death. Never mind about its range. An average person barely scratches the surface on the grand scale.

What’s my point? You maybe wondering. Putting things in perspective: the Covid pandemic and Russian war in Ukraine may seem appalling. Unfortunately, they are not new. What actually new would be if we sincerely try to learn from them.

Do you believe that knowledge is infinite?

Part 2, here.

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