Trump’s Walls Are Closing In?

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Less than twenty months out of office, former president Trump has himself in a legal quagmire that few would envy.

To begin, the deep pocket of the government makes it hard for average people to fight in a legal battle. Mr. Trump, as the target of government investigations, will be hard pressed to sustain the legal expenses even with his wealth.

Two, Mr. Trump being who he is can’t help but attract the attention of the law. The boxes of classified documents recovered by the FBI from his residence at Mar-a-Lago is a case in point. Further, few law firms would represent Mr. Trump, when he stiffs them or withholds information from them. 

And three, Mr. Trump no longer has the protection of the White House as his shield. Politically, he can only appeal to his core base for moral support and financial donation. Unless one is seeking Trump’s endorsement, few politicians want to be tangled in this mess. 

Do you think Mr. Trump would run in the 2024 Presidential election for, if nothing else, self-preservation?

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