Week In Review – 28 Aug 2022

Don’t know about you, I feel the time is slipping by faster and faster as the year goes on, like a roll of toilet paper.

With only three days left in August, plenty anxieties exist. Whether it’s the droughts due to climate change, pending European winter thanks to Russia, or the forever Covid pandemic dreaded by all, a desperation washes over me to upright the negatives.

That’s how I feel.  For the former president Trump, it may be different. At least, I can take a trip or hang a sign on my door that says “gone fishing” in attempt to temporarily escape from reality.  Wouldn’t be so easy for him or others.

In earnest, we need to do something about the water insecurity that poses an existential threat hitting so many in the face now. In spite of our brief human experience, there are opportunities still we can take to be connected with our present while safeguarding our future.

Just like the new asphalt in my community, which speaks volume to what positive changes can bring, and potentially upright the negatives. What do you say?

Stay safe & have a nice week

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