Insist Just A Bit More

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Glory rests with those who insist just a bit more.

Sounds like an inspiration talk for the marathon runners? Sure. Every person finished a marathon knows what that means – perseverance matters.

It is a life lesson that has applicability to many other aspects beyond racing.

Trust me. I had my bouts of self doubt in race and life. But through self initiated insistence, those baby steps got me through the hump, crossing the finishing line when the going was tough.

Picture that arms stretched, tears welled up and fell from the eyes, but eternally satisfied with the efforts made possible only because of I insisted just a bit more.

Some say no guts, no glory. I would say nay. More like a bittersweet episode so many experienced in their lives. It does not take a heroic act. Just a bit more insistence.

Has that insistence made a difference for you?

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