The Fine Print

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In my younger days, I did not bother with the fine print. They were the wriggly lines at the bottom or the back of the packaging. The part I skipped over figuring they  were “superfluous” and not worth the trouble of reading them. Even when I could read them.

Now, I carry a magnifier card in my wallet. Why? Because either the fine print is getting more popular, my eyesight is getting worse, or both. Business people know only specialized professionals such lawyers, accountants, or pharmacists pay attention to the fine print. Where all the disclaimers buried.

That’s how I found out my insurance coverage, in essence, went down as my premium got jacked up. In my case, all conditions stayed pretty much the same. When I called them on it, the agent explained the increase was due to costs of doing business. An answer I feel it’s irresponsible.

The truth is that my eyes are not they used to be. Even with a magnifier, no matter how much I squint, it’s getting tough for me to read the fine print any more.

Do you read the fine print?

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3 Responses to The Fine Print

  1. Warren says:

    especially after COVID, a lot of races with policies most of us just ignored, finding out an expensive triathlon that was cancelled wouldn’t refund or move the entry to the following year……now, read everything

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    • terryshen says:

      Yup, that sucks. Especially the race registrations are getting more expensive (beyond my comprehension), it feels like a rip-off. The Annapolis 10 miler did that one year and turned off many runners. Its registrant number has never rebounded since.

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      • Warren says:

        yeah, I understand the reasons, a lot of time the money’s already been spent on police and other things, a lot of races that used to happen, this year aren’t, organizers are terrified of having to cancel….


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