Appraising September

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September is upon us. Are you ready for the Summer to be over and it followed by the Autumn to cool thing off (in the Northern Hemisphere)? If you are, give me a “hallelujah,” or even if you’re not.

Similar to May, the month of September symbolizes transition. Children are back to school. Businesses look forward to the holiday sale season in the Fall to boost revenues. And, leaves naturally are waiting to change their colors.

These are what I called the nature order of things.  Will they happen as hoped?  No doubt the Earth will continue to follow the sun like it has for billion and billion of years. But what about us in this order?

For example, Russian has halted its gas supply to Europe indefinitely as a retaliation for the West’s sanctions against its invasion of Ukraine. How would that change the order?  Your guess is as good as mine.

What wishes do you hope the September can bring?


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