Moral Authority

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In our political arena, moral authority is sorely lacking. President Biden’s speech on Thursday talked about fighting for the soul of the nation. A phrase reflects his emotional truth on how he felt about United States as a country before and now.

The problem is that Mr. Biden, serving as the president, has had a hard time conveying that moral authority with the American people. May be the problem is not with him, nor with Mr. Trump, but with us. – We, the people. I however beg to differ.

You see, in a representative democracy, no question that the elected officials represent their constituents. But the president represents all people. Not liberal, conservative, or independent, but Americans of all faiths, colors, beliefs, and values. In other words, s/he is the moral authority. Or in Mr. Biden’s own words “the soul of the nation.”

In that vein, Mr. Biden’s effort should be on governing and leading with the moral authority he so passionately believes and not wasted on campaigning in the midterm. Otherwise, people will surely vote someone else to take the job in 2024.

May be it’s easier said than done. But do you think we lack moral authority in our politicians?

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2 Responses to Moral Authority

  1. Warren says:

    I’d like to believe that those that we vore for, will do what’s morally right, not what the masses want, despite what the masses want….we know what’s right or wrong, or should be, the history says otherwise right?….the declaration of independance written by leaders who owned slaves….Canada did the same to our first nations peoples…we need to elect people that would do what we wouldn’t or couldn’t

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    • terryshen says:

      That’s right , Warren. Elected leaders have a responsibility to do the right things. But more often than not, they play to constituents’ expectation. So we should hold them to be principle centered.

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