Week In Review – 4 Sep 2022

It’s Labor Day weekend in the US – a long weekend holiday on Monday.  

Many take advantage of this opportunity to squeeze in one last summer travel before the month of September fully kicks in.  I understand this thinking but am uncertain if the airline industry can handle the influx of travelers.

My wife and I view travel as chance for renewal of our “couple time.”  With a few trips scheduled later in the year, we hope and pray the massive airline cancellations will ease up in the Fall. Words of advise are either book the ticket with no cancellation fees or read the fine print carefully.

Prior to the holiday weekend, President Biden gave a prime time speech in Philadelphia, PA on his recurrent theme of “battle for the soul of the nation.”   He took aims at former president Trump and supporters.  While the speech held the moral high ground, not sure if it really connected with the voters. 

Maybe Mr Biden needs to insist on his emotional truth with explicit policies.  As a candidate, he won the 2020 election with the same theme. Now as the president, he can use his bully pulpit more effectively.

Stay safe & have a nice week.

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3 Responses to Week In Review – 4 Sep 2022

  1. Warren says:

    yep, september, and yes I’m already planning my winter training and our Christmas day run…….today, between the heat and the smoke from forest fires made 16K a challenge


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