More Is Only More

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Trust me, more is not better. You heard me correctly. More money, time, energy life, etc. whatever the object maybe, is not going to make you better in spite of what you may think.

You may be wondering by this point if Terry is losing his mind? Who would not like to have more money, time, energy, life? Allow me to elaborate.

Granted, money, time, energy, even life carry values we assigned to them. But when we have more, their values get diluted. Not to mention the headaches associated.

For example, if you won the lottery, the joy will last a short time. After the excitement is over, you worry about how to spend the sudden fortune, its tax implications, and all the acquaintances and relatives you try to avoid.

Same is true with all other so called “fame and fortunes” and coveted means.

You see, fulfillment in life is not a matter of quantity, but of finding the right quality. You do not need more spouses but only the right one.

More is only more and not better.

What is enough to you?



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