The Passing of A Legacy

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Queen Elizabeth II of UK passed away yesterday at the age of 96. She was the longest serving monarchy in Britain history. Her eldest son Prince Charles will take over as the next King.

The Queen’s legacy is extraordinary and historical.  She reigned longer (70 years) than I have lived and was highly popular among her people. Everyone loved the Queen. A remarkable feat.

Needless to say the news of her passing was a shocker to me and felt around the world. Her style of the stiff upper lip personified the British spirit and guided the country through much of the turbulent changes.  

Her leadership and longevity with the Brit’s support offers as a rare example for leaders around the world. For sure,  King Charles III will have a tough shoe to fill.

What’s your opinion of the Queen’s leadership style?

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1 Response to The Passing of A Legacy

  1. Warren says:

    my queen, the only one I’ve never known. her story is an amazing one she wasn’t even destined to be queen….think of everything that has happened since she was forced to be queen, most of us only know of her recent times, but a mechanic during the 2nd world war, all that history…..and she was nothing but classy, but also human, my favorite images of her are the few photo bombs she took part in, her entrance into the london olympics with james bond, a mom a grandmother a great grandmother, a widow…..I’m not a huge fan of the monarchy, but of Queen E, sure

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