Obrigado Lisbon

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Monument to the Discoveries, Lisbon, Portugal


The word “obrigado” means “thank you” in Portuguese.

My wife and I recently visited Lisbon, the capital city of Portugal, for our wedding anniversary. While less well known than its neighbors Spain or France, Portugal was full of exciting discoveries and enjoyments. For instance, Lisbon is older than Rome, London, or Paris.

Surprised? We were.

Sitting next to the Tagus River, the city has a rich history of being the trading port between the East and West. With a blended cultural influences from the Roman, Spanish, to Moorish, Lisbon boasts a diversity in architectures, foods, and neighborhoods.

Other tidbits we learned from our visit include its friendly people, stunning castles with breathtaking views, and a checkered past history of different rulers. Its story is told in fado music, recorded in beautiful building with azulejos tile works, and people’s live inextricable tied to the seas.

Even though this was our first visit to the city, it opened my eyes to the intricate tapestry of an European history and my tong to the cultured culinary collections. A satisfying journey for which I am truly grateful.

Have you tasted the Portugal’s famous pastel de nata?

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