2022 Primary Season Is Now Over

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Yesterday, the last round of the primaries wrapped up the 2022 primary season (197 days). With 55 days to November 8th, there are some clear signs for the upcoming midterm election and potentially the 2024 Presidential Election in two years.

For the Republicans, the party of Lincoln is now the party of Trump.  96.5% of Trump endorsed candidates have won their party’s primaries.  For those non-Trumpian candidates only 30% won their contests. Clearly, Trump dominated the Republican Congressional Primaries.

If the Republicans are gravitating to extreme right, the Democrats are not going the opposite as one may expect. In fact, “nearly three quarters of all the Democratic candidates stayed away from the far left wing of the Democratic Party” represented by likes of Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. Covid pandemic must had stifled the socialist or revolutionary minded candidates.

However just because the Republican candidates wrapped themselves around former president Trump that does not mean the Party is unified. Not by a long shot.  Party in-fighting and never-Trumpers are very much alive. No need to take my words. Just ask Liz Chaney.

Moreover, the rise of the election deniers among the Republican nominations is radical and disconcerting wave for our democracy. Because some of them are running for  secretaries of state. Why would that be a concern, you ask?

The secretaries of state oversee the election process within each state.  If the 2020 election was “stolen”, what would happen to the 2024 presidential election if these election deniers win this November? Would our democracy really able to stand the assault? It makes me cringe just thinking about it.

What’s your thought on the primaries?

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