Why Maintenance?

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Maintenance is not glamorous. Not a centerpiece in most discussions.  But without the  maintenance most things will not last. Flashy sport car won’t hum rhythmically, fancy house won’t keep its luster, and healthy person won’t have a full life.

On that last point, have you noticed, after certain age, folks start to gain weight, develop bad posture, or have health issues. Quite common in our hustle culture.  Other “priorities” always get in the way. Family, work, travel, etc. are all too familiar excuses.

Not saying that maintenance can avoid the inevitable (it can not). But if you want to keep, extend or prolong the useful life, maintenance is indispensable. This high leverage activity produces returns on the investment. That’s why businesses do it. But for many  people the idea is lost or simply ignored.

Adding insult to injury, the older things get (our bodies too), the more maintenance are necessary. It’s a fact of life. I know this first hand being a retiree: more initiatives and TLC on self care. The alternative is clear – hastened end-of-life.

What is your favorite maintenance activity?

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2 Responses to Why Maintenance?

  1. OmniRunner says:

    Yoga has become my maintenance activity. I’m trying to do more strength training but I never find time to do it until late in the evening. And exercising at night interferes with my sleep.
    Since Yoga can be done about any time of day with out messing up the rest of it, it has become my favorite maintenance activiy.

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