On Finding Soulmate

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Finding or developing your soulmate? That is the question. A soulmate is, by definition, a perfect or near-perfect match. Before answering the question, one assumption is that a soulmate exists for each one of us.

Then, how does one go about getting matched up with his or her soulmate? Dating App, fortune teller, or something else? I contend that to find a soulmate, one has to have a clear understanding of themselves first. Otherwise, how do you know that you got a match?

So it is quite possible, given the finite time we have, developing a soulmate is a reasonable approach. Meaning instead of bumping into someone perfect, the connection gets developed over time.

Sorta like a plant needs water, sun, and time to grow. Isn’t it the same for a relationship?

What is your vote on this? Finding or developing your soulmate?

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