What Would Putin Do?

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Ukrainian military is handing Vladimir Putin, the Russian President, a beat down in recent week. Which open a window for anti-Putin factions inside Russia to voice their opposition against the Russian leader’s specialized military operation.

Internationally, Western sanctions against Russia and support to Ukraine play a key part in fueling this dissatisfaction within the country. Both India and China who have kept the Russia economy afloat thus far express their concerns to Putin’s face.

Is Putin’s back against the wall? Will he return to the negotiation table with Ukraine? Or will he double down and deploy nuclear forces? No one knows.  But maybe, just maybe, the pendulum of justice is finally swinging back.

Optimistic thinking on my part? Perhaps. Victory is far from certain on either side of this conflict. Nevertheless, it’s clear that one should never give up on their faith (as the Ukrainian people have demonstrated) because tyranny will not last forever.

Do you think Putin will be foolish enough to deploy Russia’s nuclear forces?

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