Russia Mobilizes

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After seven months war of attrition in Ukraine, Russian president Vladimir Putin is forced to announce this morning a mobilization of 300 thousand arm forces.

Specifically, Putin asked for those “who are currently in the reserve and . . . those who have served in the army, who have certain professions and have necessary experience,” will be recruited for his special military operation.

Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky mobilized in February, at the beginning of this conflict, all males between the age of 18 to 60 to fight the Russian invasion. Without question, it’s an uphill battle. But, with the help of West support in arms, supplies, sanctions, and here is an important point, its will to fight, Ukraine is holding its own.

Will the pendulum of support swing against Putin with additional Russian families involved? Will the cold harsh winter change their will to fight? Will the protracted conflict diminish the Russian military moral? When adding them all up, it does not bode well for Putin.

How long do you think Putin will last in this conflict?

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4 Responses to Russia Mobilizes

  1. Warren says:

    Russia/USSR just confuses me..without them how would WW2 have turned out, then the Berlin Wall, then Gorby, and now Putin?….and I wish I could understand the Russian people…the people will be who decides this


  2. OmniRunner says:

    We’ve had good leaders and a few idiots in the past 20 years or so.
    All countries get dangerous leaders once in a while. Look at the UK and Brexit. Talk about poor and possibly disastrous leadership.
    Gorbachev was a transformational leader. Without him the cold war would still be going on.
    Putin is also a transformational leader but like the UK PMs, he is leading his country towards disaster. This war will leave Russia weak on the ground but still possessing ICBMs. A wounded dog with the sharpest teeth.
    Strange and surprising events should no longer surprise us. But I just can’t see Putin walking away. He has a tiger by the ears and if he lets go, well….
    There will either be another revolution in Russia and/or Putin will be assassinated. Either way, there will be a power vacuum in Russia for a while and lots of loose cannons vying for control. Hopefully Medvedev would step in and regain his sanity, but how much authority does he have anymore? Would the generals step in line behind him?
    How do we even sleep at night anymore?

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    • terryshen says:

      Yes Andy. Leaders come in all sizes and qualities. No guarantee they will be always be positive as history has shown. This makes democracy’s checks and balances more effective in avoiding the pitfalls you indicated. An authoritarian system, in my opinion, has higher risk for its people. Thanks for sharing.


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