Week In Review – 25 Sep 2022

Funeral for the Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II was this past Monday. The outpouring emotions from her subjects and admirers reflected the monarch’s devotion to service to her country and exemplified how one can making our soul, royalty or not.

A stark contrast was the Russian president Vladimir Putin’s call-up of reserves to sustain his imperial invasion of Ukraine. The “special military operation” as he called it is going on for seven plus months and making Putin an abhorred figure both internationally and at home.

Meanwhile, President Biden replied in an interview that the Covid-19 Pandemic is over. Not sure if he was merely echoing the country’s sentiment or playing office politics to suit his administration’s narrative. Either way, the message did not come across as being persuasive.

Lastly, fall has arrived in Washington DC. Regardless weather, age, or circumstance, we  should put self care top center of our to-do list.  Because no body will or can do it for us.

Stay safe & have a nice week

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