Six Weeks To Midterm Elections

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Yes indeed, in six weeks the US midterm elections will take place. Not a whole lot of time for the candidates, but one never knows what will happen in the remaining days.

A couple of big picture indicators are clear: 1) midterm favors the opposition (Republican) party candidates, 2) inflation favors the opposition party candidates, and 3) Ukraine war will continue to drive food and energy costs up. Again it favors the opposition party candidates.

Does that mean the Republican candidates can kick back and rest on their laurels?  Not at all. The Supreme Court’s Roe-v-Wade decision has galvanized the  women voters. Former president Trump’s legal troubles put his credibility as well as endorsement in jeopardy.

As a matter of fact, the Democratic candidates got their work cut out as well. In addition to the headwinds mentioned, the low approval rating of President Biden does not help them  getting the needed votes. Given up certainly is not an option.

Should be interesting six weeks ahead. Don’t you agree?

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