Disaster Of A Difference Color

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Disasters whether natural or man-made have in common in their destructive consequences.  As  Hurricane Ian broadsiding Florida, I could not help associating its devastating impact with the people in Ukraine who are under the assault of the Russian special military operation.

Difference is that Ian, however slow in its track, will move on. Its scale and duration of damage are measured in days. The same can not be said about what is happening in Ukraine. Aftermath of the Russian invasion thus far has been gut wrenching. But the totality is unfathomable.

No one can predict when the Russian invasion will end, therefore destruction to life and property continue.  While in Florida and similar elsewhere, the disaster is attributed to Mother Nature. And the common course of action is acceptance as she is non-negotiable.

But the path is clearly different for Ukrainian. Their ill fate is man-made, specifically attributed to Vladimir Putin, the Russian president. Thus I can understand why they fight like hell to change the outcome.  Wouldn’t you do the same if you were in their shoes?

Thinking of disaster victims.

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