Genuine Human Engagement

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Human are emotional beings. Any relationship entanglement invariably pushes us toward the abyss of individual emotions. Deeper the involvement, the more attention is needed. Path to true satisfaction stems from the discovery of emotional truth on both sides.

In superficial transactions of low emotional content, a deep psyche dive is unnecessary.  This is where machine and artificial intelligence can work adequately: as in press 1 for main menu, 2 for . . . But ultimately everyone likes and needs that human touch. What is the point of being in-person sans the emotional component?

By the way, a degree in psychology is not required to engage successfully with others. What we need is to recognize and pay attention to the needs.  After all, our own emotions serve as our teacher.  From our own come empathy, compassion, and other human emotions if we pay attention.

Be it trust, love, honesty, fear or whatever. We have got it all. The journey starts within.

Bon Voyage!

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