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A Different Halloween 2022

  Halloween (US) is supposed to be dressing up in costumes, trick-or-treating, and a time for a bit of fun-filled indulgences. No harm, and no fault. As the fate would have it the outcomes this year turned out quite opposite … Continue reading

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Week In Review – 30 Oct 2022

Two late breaking news over the weekend are 1) more than 150 people died in Seoul’s Halloween crowd crush and 2) brutal attack of Paul Pelosi, husband of the US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, in their San Francisco home. Both … Continue reading

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Sacred Trust?

  Trust is sacred. But how much do we invest in our trust?  It may be less than you think. “That’s hogwash and not possible” you may declare. Let’s look a few examples. When riding a bus or an airplane, … Continue reading

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My Sleep Challenge

Haven’t been sleeping well lately. Blame it on the weather? Too hot or too cold?  Nay, not at all. My problem has to do with difficulty of falling asleep. Falling sleep should be easy, particularly when tired. That’s not the … Continue reading

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US & China – What Now?

  China has concluded its 20th Party Congress. President Xi Jinping, after securing his power for a historical third term, offered an olive branch to President Biden yesterday. For sake of “global stability and . . . peace” China and US … Continue reading

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Ant Battle

  Small the little critters, their presence looms large. Particularly, them indoor is a threat to my inner sanctum. I don’t share well; not with the ants, and definitely not indoor. Their sighting in the kitchen, check; bathroom, double check. … Continue reading

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Floods & Droughts

  It hit me the other day regarding floods, droughts, and other mishaps. Why are they typically called  “natural disasters”? Is that really a misnomer?  Why do I think that? Allow me to explain. To me, it is not natural … Continue reading

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Midterm Elections In Two Weeks!

  The 2022 Midterm elections is two weeks from tomorrow. Are you ready? Or perhaps you’ve already voted through the early voting or absentee ballot. Given the Covid pandemic, I wouldn’t blame you. 38 out of the 50 states have early … Continue reading

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Week In Review – 23 Oct 2022

Fear is an emotion that can be exploited. Russian president Vladimir Putin is famous for leveraging it. To wt,  Putin has declared the annexed Ukrainian territories under martial law, bombed Ukrainian energy infrastructures, and tried to instill chaos in the … Continue reading

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Faked Meat

  Normally I try to stay clear of processed and ultra-processed foods such as chips, cakes, fries, etc. Simply because I prefer healthier options, and frankly, my body can’t handle them like before. Same goes with red meat. The other … Continue reading

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