Putin’s New Clothes

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Yesterday, Russian President Vladimir Putin declared his annexation of four Ukrainian territories. His action came in defiance to the international criticism and more tellingly the reality on the battlefield. It was the modern day version of the Emperor’s New Clothes.

Truth be told that the momentum on the ground is swing in Ukraine’s favor. The Ukrainian counteroffensive has recaptured a large swath of territories in week that it had taken Russian forces in months. Putin’s recent mobilization is a desperate move to supply needed bodies to the war front.

Putin’s pretense on the annexation is a make-believe to himself and his fiefdom where no one dares to tell him the truth. It is a dream made of egos. Hence the emperor’s new clothes. Instead, people are responding with their feet, by leaving the country. One could not help but wonder how long will this charade last?

Do you think Putin’s ambition is Russian people writ large?

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