Week In Review – 2 Oct 2022

Destruction of Hurricane Ian was felt by folks in Florida over the weekend and up the east coast. Its power as a category 4 hurricane ranked as a one-in-500 year event. Unfortunately, disaster as such will be more frequent due to global warming.

For 2022, two more months still left in the Atlantic hurricane season. On top of the Covid-19 pandemic, this year gets the cake for calamities with the Ukraine war and now the Hurricane Ian. Plus, who knows what will happen in the midterm elections?

As if these disasters are not enough, people are struggling with inflation, energy & food shortages, and shift back to in-person work. Maybe I am getting old and sentimental. Even though plenty happenings in sports and entertainments each week. They are human dramas of different genre and not appealing to me.

Stay safe & have a nice week

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