Where Is Life Taking Us?

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It sounds easy to just go with the flow, wherever the life is taking us. That’s until you peel the onion and drill deeper.  The simplest and most mindless answer is that life is a circle. We came naked and left it with not much more. Duh . . .

The question is really not about the beginning nor the end but the messy middle. “Messy” because it’s unstructured, unpredictable, and unknown.  In spite of our earnest efforts trying to control it, life (the messy middle) is more than anyone can control, manipulate, or fake it.

So, what then is the point?

It has to do with our intention – what do we want to accomplish during the span between our birth and death. A little or a lot, the choice is ours. We can waste it by holding on, controlling, or manipulating life’s circumstances, or rather press forward toward our intended  goals.

I choose the latter.

Where is life taking you?

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