Why People Have Unacceptable Behaviors?

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News about unruly passengers, disruptive customers, or down right violent individuals begs  the question, why? What caused these people to act out in ways that are contrary to the established norms? Suffice to say, negative emotions are the common thread to these behaviors.

Everyone experiences negative emotions. Just because I am mad about something does not mean I can act out my feeling without regards to others. There are ways to express my frustrations. Voicing my complaint is acceptable. Punching somebody‘s light out is not.

Why then would some act out aboard a flight causing it to  detour, buy automatic weapons to killing innocent victims, or physically assault bystanders causing them harm? Individual circumstance varies but the consequence is always the same – harm and injury to others.

This is not acceptable. It is indicative of the expression of negative emotion gone wrong. While justice and law enforcement avail, wouldn’t preventing these unacceptable behaviors be more effective and the harm and damage be avoided?

Classic safety nets such as family, school, and religious/ cultural organization are supposed to instill the norms and catch the problematic behaviors before they become too late to remedy. However, too many of them are falling through the cracks. Think January 6 riot.

The traditional organizations of family, school, and religious/ cultural groups are still the bulwarks for instilling individual values and societal norms.  Except in areas they are not.  That‘s the crux of the problems and need our collective attention.

Where do you think we are failing as a society? How can we embrace diversity and make it work for instead of against us?


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