When Is Stealing, Stealing?

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If I take something that does not belong to me, I am comitting an act of stealing. Not hard to figure out, right?  So when the former president Trump took documents  that do not belong to him from the White House, is he not stealing these documents?

What most puzzling to me is how hard it has for us to come that conclusion? Do we really need all the lawsuits to know what he did was wrong? Or are we falling into the traps of dishonesty in parsing words and the egregious double standards?

Sure, we can argue what consitutes a “take” or what ”belong“ entails? But aren’t we cheating ourselves by allowing the pot calling the  kettle black?  Same on the argument that we are “accusing‘ a former president of wrong doing, and that it deservs serious due process.

Bologna! What is wrong is wrong. If we can’t tell right from wrong, we have real problem.  Simply put, if  you and I were in similar circumstances, chances are we would not get the same exceptions or special treatments.  So, what gives? 

Do you believe the FBI planted those classified documents in Mr. Trump’s residence?



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2 Responses to When Is Stealing, Stealing?

  1. OmniRunner says:

    I believe those documents were taken from The White House and found by the FBI in Mar A Lago.
    It’s the Ex’s allies who can’t agree on what constitutes stealing or threats to national security. If it were someone with a D after their name, they would be chanting “lock them up”.
    It’s all about power and has nothing to do with the truth.

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