Columbus Day 2022

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Albeit a Federal holiday here in the US, this Columbus Holiday (observed) feels not festive at all. The news of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s retaliatory missile strikes on civilian targets across the Ukraine dominates the headlines. Damages are escalating on both sides, yet neither side is ready  to back down.

Obviously, the war is personal for the Ukrainian people. But Putin is now making it personal for the Russian people. By annexing the Ukraine territories, he reverses the fact and claims that the war is encroaching Russian sovereignty. And his mobilization has sent thousands of Russians fleeing the country. Will Putin’s strategy work? Or will it backfire?

One thing certain is that Putin and Columbus are ambitious individuals. Their deeds speak for themselves. If fame were their only aim, they have made it, for better or worse. But in the  Putin’s case, that’s not it. His standing in the world, reputation among peers, and, most importantly, conscience will rest in nobody but his hands.

What do you think will be Putin’s legacy?

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