A Healthy Sense of Skepticism

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The American people traditionally are weary of their  government. This healthy sense of skepticism is in our founding, our Constitution, and our way of life.

The heavy hand of the British Monarch drove the founders to fight for our independence, and to enshrine the skepticism toward authority into our Constitution. So to ensure the new government can not bully the people for whom it is supposed to serve. This is why the zero-Covid policy in China would never work in America.

Although that healthy sense of skepticism has kept the American people free thus far, our adversaries around the world are exploiting that attitude and successfully “pitting Americans against one another” through strategic  misinformations about us. Sowing division and mistrust along the way.

In other words, our skepticism has been weaponized by foreign operators to force multiply our “own gullibility and willingness to believe the worst of those with whom we disagree politically.” It is infiltrating all levels of our society.

We are the United States. Diversity is good. Skepticism is good. But let’s be mindful about falsehoods and nefarious acts that are angling to divide and take us down. Plenty would love to see us fall. Do not be fooled.

Are we being played by the old “divide & conquer?”


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