Time To Re-evaluate?

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Today is 13 Oct. Only 80 days left in this year (2022). Yes, Eight-Zero. Whether that’s a lot or a little depends on each person. But it certainly has me sit up and ask what do I want to accomplish in 2022? Am I waiting on things to happen or am I going to make things happen?

A quick glance of the calendar, I note the following “key dates” remaining: Midterm elections (in 27 days), Thanksgiving (42 days), Christmas (73). Of course, your key dates may differ from mine. But the point is that whatever the key dates, are you ready for them?

For example, if you’re a candidate, 27 days is only less than four weeks. Are you ahead, behind, or on track to win? Time to hit the street knocking on more doors or blitz the social/ media to influence the air war?

On a personal front, I plan on visiting my kids on the West Coast for Thanksgiving. To avoid the last minute holiday surge, I have purchased the airline tickets for myself and the wife. So I don’t have to worry about it.

Chances are last minute details will be less hectic if we plan ahead. For sure the days, months, and year will fly by in a blink of the eye. To avoid being surprised, disappointed, or frustrated, now maybe a good time to re-evaluate.

Are you satisfied with the progress to date? If not what needs to change?



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