A Cold European Winter?

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By now it’s expected that this winter will be a tough one for Europe. Besides battling the Covid-19 for the third year straight, Europe is getting the brunt of the pain from the war in Ukraine.

Yes, we are feeling the ripple price pressures in food and energy here in the States. But it is no comparison to what’s happening across the Atlantic.

Unfortunate as it may seem, this is not Europe’s first go around with conflicts. Far from it.

European geopolitical layout has made built-in conflicts inevitable throughout its history. Both the World War One and Two in modern history are testaments to that reality. Not to mention the many conflicts prior.

In comparison, the US is fortunate and peaceful relatively speaking. In addition to our geopolitical location, our core value of preserving the peace plays an important part.

The belief by George Washington, “be prepared for war is one of the most effectual means of preserving peace,“ in other words, military preparedness, is a fundamental principle that still followed today.

Will the US succeed in preserving the peace at home and  abroad? Good question. Ambitious foreign operators are constantly exploiting our weakness and ready to knock us down and take over in establishing a new world order.

To which, I say, as long as we are prepared, let them try.

How prepared do you feel the US is to defend our values?


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2 Responses to A Cold European Winter?

  1. OmniRunner says:

    One advantage we have is that we have lots of experience fighting wars.
    But we are seeing the changing nature of war in Ukraine.
    Many militaries are coming to realize that large targets like tanks and aircraft carriers are just that.
    The Afghanistan war showed us new gorilla tactics. You can defeat a large, modern army with WWI devices.
    In Ukraine we are seeing essentially model airplanes blow up buildings.


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