US & China – What Now?

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China has concluded its 20th Party Congress. President Xi Jinping, after securing his power for a historical third term, offered an olive branch to President Biden yesterday. For sake of “global stability and . . . peace” China and US must find ways to strengthen communication and cooperation between the two countries, Xi wrote.

The relationship between the world’s top two powers, and the largest trading partners, has been strained in recent years over ideological differences and business practices. However, something deeper may exist. According to Qin Gang, China ambassador to the US, in an interview with Al Jazeera, states there is a China-phobia in the US.

President Biden has consistently labeled China as a top competitor to the US.  Meaning the relationship is based on healthy competitions. But in the twist of events, that underlying trust and respect of competition have been put in question. By both sides it seems.

The US certainly has got enough problems, and Mr. Xi’s offer is an opportunity to rebuild the troubled relationship.  It won’t be easy but worth a try. Given the mutual goal of global peace and stability, there may be a win-win solution to be had. And everyone will benefit.

Do you think the US and China can work through their differences?

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