My Sleep Challenge

Haven’t been sleeping well lately. Blame it on the weather? Too hot or too cold?  Nay, not at all. My problem has to do with difficulty of falling asleep.

Falling sleep should be easy, particularly when tired. That’s not the case for me when something is on my mind. A thought, topic, task, or anything. Which will keep me awake, tossing and turning. And I will stop the self-torture and get out of the bed after 30 minutes.   

Conventional wisdom on combating this problem is to set regular schedules for bedtime both when to go to bed and when to get up. And stick with them. Sort like developing a habit. In my case, I would be in bed around 11:30 pm, supposedly my optimal Circadian cycle.

But I would stay awake with something on my mind. The thoughts start to bounce off the wall the longer I stayed in bed. When that happens, I get out of the bed and do something to distract myself. My mind, specifically. Meditating, binge watching Youtube, or whatever it takes to wear my mind down.

I know the key is to calm my mind, and watching Youtube, Netflix, whatnot achieve the opposite. Not to mention the blue light effect. Trust me, I would try the meditation or yoga first before I resort to the less preferred options.  As good night of  sleep is paramount to a good health, I will continue to try.

Do you have problem falling asleep? 


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