Sacred Trust?

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Trust is sacred. But how much do we invest in our trust?  It may be less than you think. “That’s hogwash and not possible” you may declare.

Let’s look a few examples. When riding a bus or an airplane, we give our trust (and life) to some strangers who is driving or flying us. When driving, we trust other drivers will stay on their side of the double yellow lines.  Again, they are strangers to us.

In a interdependent world, we don’t control everything.  We  learnt to trust the system (or not) when circumstance is out of our control as in the examples mentioned. In a civil society, the system establishes (or suppose to establish) rules and practices to regulate the risk variables.

The problem arises when the system fails to its part or when we fail to understand what’s been put in place. Either case when happens enough times, the trust is eroded to non-existence. And different emotional truths develop. Think Democrats and Republicans.

Our trust is looser than it sounds.  Not trying to diminish its importance. Just the opposite. A blind trust or ignorance is never good because that means we are not paying attention. Either case makes us prone to surprise or disgust.

Do you take trust for granted? What about the 2020 election? Was it really stolen?

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