Week In Review – 30 Oct 2022

Two late breaking news over the weekend are 1) more than 150 people died in Seoul’s Halloween crowd crush and 2) brutal attack of Paul Pelosi, husband of the US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, in their San Francisco home. Both involved violence, intentional or not. Tragic nevertheless.

Given the challenges we face, global stability and peace are pretty decent goals offered to US by the China president Xi Jinping.  Can we or should we trust it? That’s the question.  Strategically, with China on our side, many of our existing problems such as the Ukraine conflict, climate change, and inflation would have a better chance for positive outcome. 

Unfortunately, most of the US politicians are preoccupied with the midterm elections, for its outcomes can sway our policies in foreseeable future, not sure if the Chinese offer are being taken seriously. Worse yet, more political violence are raring their ugly heads (think the Pelosi attack). Couldn’t help but wonder if violence is being normalized in our democracy?

Of course, my problems with the ants and poor quality sleep, albeit real and dear to me, pale in comparison with the above mentioned challenges. From my corner of the world, I humbly offer my closing statement below. Hope it rings true with you. 

Stay safe & have a nice week.

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