Tired But Satisfied

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Just finished a midterm election early voting (Day 6).  Despite my dead exhausted body after working from 6 AM to 8 PM, my spirit echoed high.  Our entire team worked tirelessly until the closing hour. Achieved a voter turnout far exceeded expectation (almost doubling the previous day turnout, 1.78).

My throat scratchy from assisting the voters check-in at polling place to issuing them  ballots and collecting their voting results.  My feet aches from standing all day. But my heart is content.  It’s akin to running a marathon, giving it my best effort, and achieving a Personal Record as the outcome.

In the overall scheme of things, people may discount the midterm elections. But deep down I feel it was a win-win effort with more than four hundred fifty voters voted early today due to our direct efforts. Regardless how I feel tomorrow, today was a “good run” in my book.

Are you planning to vote in the midterm?


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