What Do I Hope For?

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I hope tomorrow will be better than today.

Not that I am having a bad day nor trying to emulate a Miss Universe beauty pageant answer. But metaphorically, the world is hurting. Pain and suffering are everyday events.  Even developed countries can not escape the impacts from these extremes.

But hope is not a strategy.  Anybody knows that. You may aptly point that out. Right, you are. But hope is more than strategy. It is the input to action plan, the source for change, and the purpose that keeps the collective us alive.

Without hope we have nothing.

You see hope is a noun but more so a verb. As Harvard professor Cornel West puts it, “hope is not spectatorial. It’s participatory.” By hoping, you’re engaging in some kind of movements. Viscerally. And by choosing to act, “our actions themselves can nurture and fuel hope in us.”

Personally, I hope democracy will prevail across the US. That’s why I vote, canvass, and work at polling place.

What do you hope for?

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