Midterm Election Eve

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Christmas Eve it is not. But, tonight, on this midterm election eve, is vying for an  unparalleled anticipation on the  outcomes for tomorrow. Highly unusual for a non-presidential off-year election, you say. Yes, perhaps indicative how politically divided the  country is right now.

According to the Reuters, Republicans have a strong chance of capturing the majority in the House of Representatives where all 435 seats are up for grabs (need to pick up 5 seats) as compared to the US Senate where 35 seats are up (need to pick up 1 seat). If so, the voters will send the unpopular president (Biden) lots of headwind in his next two years at  the White House.

Not to mention, at the state level, 36 governorship and 27 secretary of state positions are being contested.  The election results could drastically shape how the next Presidential Election will be run in 2024. Need more drama or reasons for high voter turnout?

Is it sleepless in Washington DC or including where you are?

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