The Highs and Lows of Emotional Journey

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Without the highs and lows, our emotional lives could be as interesting as door nobs. Too much, on the other hand, we would be up the wall (or worse as I will explain below). If you are wondering how to modulate this journey, my suggestion is don’t. 

You see, life is too unpredictable (who knew the Covid-19 would still be spreading after all these years). Trying too hard to control or predict life is akin to scientism. Instead, be humble and master yourself to go with the flow.

Case in point is this marketing questionnaire: 

  1. What are their jobs and professional responsibilities?
  2. What level and type of decisions can they make?  
  3. Whom do they work for and whom do they supervise?  
  4. What problems or questions are they working on now?  
  5. What do they already know about your services or your ideas?
  6. How likely are they to use the information you can provide?

The list goes on.  Even with Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, data will be generated, collected, and analyzed. But when dealing with human beings, the real emotional truth remains illusive and out of reach. 

You think the Chinese president Xi Jinping would agree? Fat chance. His zero Covid policy has set his people in living hell, called the locked down, disrupted businesses, and weakened the country’s economy. All because Mr. Xi’s belief that the virus can be controlled. And 1,4 billions suffer because of it.

Better to just go with the flow, don’t you agree?


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