Veterans Day 2022

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Today is Friday and in particular the Veterans Day, a federal holiday. Thanks to all those who served for us to enjoy what we have. But is that really happening or words of a token appreciation?

The media seem preoccupied with the midterm election results which are still being counted in certain states, analyses on which party will control what chamber of the Congress, and calculating politicians jockeying for position on leadership starting  3 Jan 2023. In other words, politics as usual. What about the veterans?

Public attention shifts quickly onto the next hot topic. Easy to overlook the contributions made by the veterans with our out-of-sight, out-of-mind mentality. Any wonder that many veterans ended up homeless? This is after have serving their country no less, what a  indignity!

Thankfully, the situation is being improved, and the number of homeless vets has dropped, the biggest decline in 5 years according US Department of Housing and Urban Development.

How about take some time in this “long weekend” to honor our veterans, remember their contributions, and show our compassion and support to those in need?

How was your Veterans Day?

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