Midterm Elections, A Close Race

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It has been four days since the midterm elections, which party will win the control of our governments is still too close to call. How close? You ask.  As of 6 pm today, the split for the US Senate seats are 49 / 48 (Dem/Rep), the US House 202 / 211, and Governors 23 / 25, according to the Reuters news.

Never thought the midterms would be this close or the country this divided? Guess what?  Regardless the eventual outcomes, with this tight margin, the federal government will most likely face paralysis for the next two years or longer. Also known as the Washington Gridlock (not the traffic).

To avoid being perceived as a do-nothing Congress, maybe the gridlock forces the politicians to work harder in negotiating the necessary votes to getting bills passed? Or an incentive to reach across the aisle gaining support from the opposition party? Only time will tell.

What do you think will happen in the next two years leading to the next Presidential Election?

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