Week In Review – 13 Nov 2022

The Past Tuesday was the Midterm Elections in the US. Unlike the traditional pattern against the party in power, the Democrats bucked the trend and held on to the Senate majority. The control for the House is still in contention with a tight margin.

In a way, the election results was a referendum on former President Trump. who was not on the ballot.  Only a handful of his endorsed candidates won. A disappointment for sure  that the Red wave never happened.  Easy to fall in the trap of thinking oneself is omnipotent and become detached from reality. However, that will not deter Mr. Trump from running in 2024.

Now the elections are over, glad I took part in the process and served hand on to help preserving the process. Some may complain about polarization of the divide in the US. But I chose to exercise what is within my sphere of influence which satisfied me.

Last but not least the Veterans Day was this past Friday. Hope you were able to spend the holiday meaningfully.

Stay safe and have a nice week.

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