Wintering Thoughts

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Winter solstice is still more than a month away. Yet I am already engulfed by the wintering effects. Trees are bared and skeletal. Their leaves, mostly on the ground, still hanging on here and there on the branches. But their days too are numbered.

Precipitation instead the sun is covering the earth. Whatever warmth left between the grass and soil is being washed away. Temperature struggles but never climbs out of the 30’s (Fahrenheit). Any wonder my body slips into the  hibernation mode – looking for food to stay awake or dozing off while my   laptop patiently awaits.

A symphony of the raindrops hitting the window panes in concert with the furnace churning soothes me like a lullaby. My eyelids grow heavier, barely moving in slow motions. Day and night change shift with little notice. And the same will be my girth and weight if the trend continues.

Such is the transitional nature of autumn. One day warmth and sunshine,  open invitation for a walk to store, and dampness and chill the next, time to stay inside cozy up with a blanket, a book and a cup of herbal tea.  Animals and plants adapt to seasonal change.  All I do is drifting in thoughts!

Are you adapting to the cold spill?

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