The Election-Denier Candidates?

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The US midterm elections was over a week ago.  While the Democrats have the control of the Senate, and the Republicans inch toward a majority in the House, what happened to the election-denier candidates?

Tally from Yahoo!News shows more than 370 Republican candidates on the midterm ballot denied or questioned the 2020 election results. And, at least 174 election deniers have won their races. How many of them are running for the statewide positions that directly impact the Presidential Elections in 2024?

The good news is in crucial contests for the swing states, all the election-denier candidates have lost.  It appears the voters in these states had sent a clear message rejecting the lie advanced by the election-deniers that the election two years ago was stolen.

The not so good news is at least 22 election-denier candidates have won, mostly in Republican dominated states and incumbents (4 secretary of state and 18 either as governor or senator). In theory, they should not tip the scale for the Presidential Elections.

How will our election process be affected going forward?

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